What is The Greenhouse?

Train. Activate. Grow. The Greenhouse is a 9-month discipleship program for young adults who would like to be developed and trained as tomorrow’s leaders. It is an adventurous year of character & leadership development.

It is a place to:

  • * be trained and equipped with life skills
  • * be activated to effectively influence our culture
  • * grow as a leader of character and moral excellence

What we do

We develop character:

  • * in the trenches of adventure
  • * form a biblical worldview through cross-cultural ministry
  • * raise up leaders through personal mentoring

By raising up leaders we aim to establish character in every young adult. The word ‘character’ comes from a Latin word meaning ‘a stamping tool’, a ‘distinctive mark’ which gave rise to ‘distinguishing qualities’. We, at the Greenhouse, believe that the young people of today have been given a ‘distinctive mark’ by God. We desire every student to come face-to-face with their Creator and discover their distinguishing qualities.  God does the work. We meet Him daily.

“The more we get what we now call “ourselves” out of the way and let Him take us over, the more truly ourselves we become. Our real selves are waiting for us in Him.”  – C.S. Lewis

Through real-life situations you will teach, heal, wrestle with, and overcome challenges. You will develop a solid foundation to launch you into what you were created to do. It is a year, set apart, full of adventure, experiences, confidence, and boldness.  The Greenhouse is in partnership with All Nations and is hosted by Logos Christian Church in Bellville, WC.

The more we get what we now call “ourselves” out of the way and let Him take us over, the more truly ourselves we become. Our real selves are waiting for us in Him

— C.S. Lewis —

About us

Gert and Molly met while working with Operation Mobilization in Nepal, and have been involved in full-time ministry for the past sixteen years.

Together they led mission trips throughout Asia, including:  Thailand, Japan, Nepal and Bhutan. They also served on staff of Master’s Commission; pastored a church in Camdenton, MO; and are now part of All Nations in Cape Town, South Africa.

They are pioneers and love to cultivate new ground. Gert is passionate about being in the presence of God, sharing the gospel while trekking through the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, and seeing people walk in freedom. Molly believes that the home is the center of life and ministry. She is passionate about discipling their six children and encouraging other women to fully embrace the call of motherhood and missions. In her spare time Molly loves to read a good book, work on writing one, and building a marketplace ministry.

What we believe

We believe the solution to awaken a generation of young people to their full potential in Christ, is to give them an encompassing experience. An experience with the loving Father, an experience with Jesus Christ, and encountering the Holy Spirit.

We believe that true discipleship is based on experience, not just on knowledge.

We believe that in this age of instant fixes, false promises, and shallow relationships, God has a reality yet to be discovered.

We believe that character is built through:

  • * tough times
  • * fun adventures
  • * turning ashes into beauty

We believe the Lord has given us the grace to help young people understand their identity and discover their calling and purpose.

Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.

— Albert Einstein —

Why Challenge yourself?

We live in an age today of tremendous information. Anyone can, within a few clicks, find out any information however accurate, for the questions that they have. Instantly. You want something? You can get it. Want to go somewhere? Nothing can stop you. Want to experiment and try something new? Go for it, we even encourage it and help you with step by step youtube instructions on how to do it. Need more friends? No problem, just get some more on Facebook.

With the world at our fingertips, and unlimited sources of information and social media, why do we not see one of the greatest generations ever, rise up and take their place in our society? They have more than anyone ever did before them, more resources, more training, more opportunity.

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.” – Albert Einstein

Leadership is a topic high on many agendas today, whether in politics, business, or the church. There is a perceived leadership vacuum, and John Gardner points out that at the time the United States was formed, the population stood at around 3 million. That 3 million produced at least six leaders of world class: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, and Hamilton. Today’s American population of 240 million might be expected to produce eighty times as many world-class leaders. Where are they?

We believe this is a worldwide phenomenon. Yet, we are convinced there is a new generation of leaders emerging into leadership around the world. There is an urgent need for the cultivation of godly and spiritual leadership.

The challenge to obtain this type of leadership is to marry zeal and wisdom.  This in turn will raise up a new generation of leaders, capable of standing strong under pressure.


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If this is you, and you are willing to gain true wisdom, join us.

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